Long Lease

Long Lease

Next to the Short Rent periods, StudentLease also provides cars for students who want to rent a car for longer periods of time. This is what we call Long Lease. With Long Lease you can rent a car for three months and longer, for instance the entire duration of your stay in the Netherlands.

You can Long Lease a car alone, but also with some of your friends, to split the costs and to get more out of one car. Moreover, having your own car will give you much more freedom than for instance buying and using a railway pass. When considering the cost of such a pass (times 5), Long Leasing a car might be the cheaper option, with the added benefit of having the freedom of a car in the parking lot.


All our Long Lease vehicles are subject to the following conditions:

  • Everyone with a valid driver’s license can rent a car, 18 years and older.
  • No charge for extra drivers (with valid driver’s licenses).
  • All cars have both vehicle occupants insurance and roadside assistance (ANWB) for entire EU.
  • Unlimited driving, kilometers are free.
  • Medium and Luxury cars have airconditioning
  • Own risk €750,- per claim (redeemable to €500,- for €2,00 per day).
  • All prices are including VAT (in Dutch: BTW).


Long Lease Vehicles


Compact | € 395

Our compact 3-doors model is perfect for a group of 3 to 4 students. They offer enough luggage space to make small trips through the Netherlands and do your daily groceries. At the small price of € 395 per month Compacts are the cheapest and most advantageous of our Long Lease selection.


Medium | € 425

Our medium sized 5-doors model is perfect for a group of 4 to 5 students. Luggage space is perfect for both groceries and making trips to where ever you want. At a price of € 425 per month Mediums are in the mid range of our Long Lease selection, the perfect price/room ratio.

Station Wagon

Luxury | € 525

When you are in need of more luggage space than Compacts and Mediums can provide you, our Luxury car is the way to go. It is ideal for 5 students and has lots of luggage space for long trips through Europe. Station wagons only cost € 525 per month and are the high-end of our Long Lease Selection.

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